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What is a
SEO Expert?

An SEO expert assists you in optimizing your website so that it appears high up in Google's search results. Therefore, on one hand, SEO experts bring technical understanding. On the other hand, they are also capable of comprehensively understanding your business and your goals, providing you with sensible and realistic advice. Thus, SEO measures not only bring you a better ranking but also valuable, new perspectives for your business.

If your website attracts only a few visitors, it might be time to contact an expert in Search Engine Optimization - an SEO expert.

Why do you need an SEO expert?

You gain freedom to work on your own business or other projects. In addition, you benefit from insights into search engine optimization and online market research. You can use this for your future marketing and save on advertising costs in the long term with the increased traffic on your website.

Some measures can also be carried out by yourself with appropriate research. However, this is very time-consuming and can therefore slow down the growth of your business.

Who is the SEO expert?

Like many web marketers, he did not see the value of working in online advertising and instead planned to become a lawyer.

On his 40th birthday, he decided to retire and set up a website for online and local SEO marketing.

The SEO expert Brad offers a comprehensive guide to SEO for the New Economy, the latest edition of the new book by Search Engine Land, Search Engine Optimization for a New Economy.

What makes a good SEO expert?

In short: An SEO expert uses various measures to ensure that your website is displayed higher up by Google. 

First of all, this requires technical understanding. A good SEO expert is continuously educating themselves. They are also able to transparently explain any changes they make and work closely with you.

This also includes understanding you and your goals. Because every company, every market, and every industry is unique. A successful SEO strategy must be individually tailored to this. A professional SEO expert doesn't just fiddle with your website but takes the time to advise you and share their knowledge with you.

You benefit from the work of such an expert in the long term. On one hand, through increased traffic to your website - on the other hand, through valuable new marketing knowledge.

Collaborating with the SEO Expert

Implementing the changes recommended by SEO requires time and effort. Before you take the time to make these changes yourself, it might be worth hiring a professional.

Even if there are already massive successes with the independent implementation of optimizations, entrepreneurs who work with an SEO expert will soon benefit from improvements in rankings.

 Market Analysis - Planning - Goal Setting

 If you are considering getting involved with SEO, you may want to do some research on the industry and request a technical search on your website to learn more about what you think needs to be done and what the expected outcome should look like.

Important in collaboration with an SEO Expert: Trust and Control

An SEO expert must be able to justify each change logically and understandably that they make to your website. On the other hand, you may not have the technical understanding to follow everything step by step. 

You don't have to. Because